We’ve integrated lots of Advanced Applications within the Zona3net Web Hosting Control Panel. These tools will let you do quick jobs for instance protecting a folder with a pass word or way more challenging ones such as, for instance, modifying the PHP build of your account. Though the tasks they are doing are very different, all the Advanced Applications have 1 thing in common. They are truly user–friendly and require absolutely no particular ability from you.

Hotlink Protection

Safeguard yourself from data transfer theft

When you make original content material there’ll always be somebody that will attempt to make use of devoid of your authorization. It relates both to textual content and images. That’s where the Hotlink Protection tool integrated into our Web Hosting Control Panel will truly help you. With only a click of the mouse, you’ll take care of all visuals on your website by preventing other websites from linking to them.

This way, you will not only end other individuals from stealing your graphics, but you will also make sure you stick to your monthly data traffic limit.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Computerized building of .htaccess files

Incorporated inside the Zona3net Web Hosting Control Panel you’ll find .htaccess Generator – a powerful instrument, which lets you create .htaccess files and never having to make them by hand. Zona3net’s tool requires absolutely no working experience as well as absolutely no knowledge of .htaccess file operations.

Through an .htaccess file, you can quickly redirect several webpages within your website as well as the full website to a completely new location. You can also use it to protect a folder by using a username and password as well as to enable PHP code inside HTML files, etcetera.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Prevent malevolent IPs from accessing your web site

Inside of the Zona3net Web Hosting Control Panel we have integrated a really practical tool that enables you to limit access to your websites by blocking unique IP addresses. While using the IP blocking tool, it is possible to put a stop to an IP address or even a whole range of IPs from opening your site. To see which IP addresses create the ’harmful’ website traffic to your web site, you can check out the Stats Manager.

All IP addresses are stopped up instantly and then no–one will be able to observe or gain access to your site from them anymore.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Customize the PHP rules for your personal web site

If ever the web app you’re using demands a different PHP version, or you intend to make any PHP modifications, you can quickly do this from the Zona3net Web Hosting Control Panel. It is possible to modify the PHP version with just a click, picking from old PHP editions to the secure PHP launch. You may also instantly modify the most vital adjustments inside the php.ini file, or make a full change of how your PHP build will work.

It’s not necessary to hold back for several hours or reboot anything for your adjusts to take effect. The modifications are carried out live when you save them.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Create automatic scheduled tasks

Within the Zona3net Web Hosting Control Panel, we have made a quick and easy–to–use user interface for establishing brand new in addition to managing established cron jobs – the Cronjob Manager. A cron job is a planned job – ordinarily a script, that is operated at predetermined periods of time. It may be a simple script for checking whether your site is on the web, a mailing script, a site efficiency report, etcetera.

You can easily set and use cron jobs with all Zona3net’s cloud hosting deals. In the event you need more cron jobs, it’s possible to purchase further as an upgrade.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Great way to defend your data files

Password protection can be described as an approach to secure your site using a password making sure that just a pre–defined group of account holders can access it. As an example, you may want password protection if you create your web site and don’t wish search engines or other people to find it before it is set or if you want to have an exclusive folder on your own web site with approved entry.The Password Protection tool bundled up inside the Zona3net Web Hosting Control Panel will let you do this with merely a couple of mouse–clicks. You are the only person who knows the username and password required to sign in unless you share them with some other person.

The password will be held in an encoded format, so no individual will be able to see it or check it out. Only you, as the webmaster can be in a position to modify it.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL redirection with a few clicks

In case at anytime you want to redirect your site to a new link, it can be done quickly with the URL Redirection instrument featured in the Zona3net Web Hosting Control Panel. You simply will not need to make a distinct .htaccess file and manage any kind of advanced lines of code. All you need to perform is pick which website to route and exactly where you’ve chosen it to lead. Our clever system will manage every little thing for you.

If you no longer need the domain redirection you have set, you can easily cease it with simply a mouse–click.

URL Redirection